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Magnetic levitation refrigerant compressor

Magnetic levitation refrigerant compressor
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Detailed introduction

Magnetic levitation refrigerant compressor is an emerging industrial technology developed internationally, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and long life.
It is a high-tech energy-saving environmental protection product

Compared with traditional screw refrigeration compressors, the energy saving is up to 50%, the noise is reduced from 120 dB to 75 dB, and the life is up to 20 years. It is a new product of the industry, mainly used in the refrigeration field such as central air conditioning and cold storage. After years of research, accumulation and international cooperation, Tianrui Heavy Industries has made major breakthroughs in the key technologies of magnetic levitation power equipment, and has become one of the few leading companies in China that masters the development of key technology. The magnetic levitation blower developed by Tianrui has reached the international advanced level and achieved industrialization. It has been included in the national key R & D plan and the new and old kinetic energy conversion project library of Shandong Province and selected into the top 50 brand list of Shandong Made Hard Technology as well.
The magnetic levitation turbo blower lays a good foundation for the successful research and development of the key technology of magnetic suspension refrigerant compressor. 

Energy saving

Using advanced magnetic levitation bearings, the rotor is directly connected with the three lobe impeller, and the transmission has zero loss

Compared with traditional screw refrigeration compressor, energy saving is up to 50%


Noise reduction

Using magnetic levitation self-balancing technology, no friction during operation, low operating noise, and the compressor will not affect the surrounding office and living environment. Noise is as low as 75 dB




 Big data platform for remote monitoring

 Simple operating system

Automatic fault diagnosis

Modular design




No lubrication and no mechanical maintenance

Service life is more than 20 years

Easy to install

No oil pollution

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